1800 S. Brand Blvd. Suite 111 Glendale, CA 91204

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(909) 616-5492

Accessing Our Space

The space is ground level and wheelchair accessible, with an accessible bathroom. There is a designated accessible parking space in the lot. There is paid parking in the lot as well, or generally easy to find street parking on the surrounding blocks. There are a number of nearby Metro stops for the 8, 90, 92, 94, and 603 off of San Fernando Blvd. and Brand Blvd., and nearby Glendale Ave.

How to Find Our Space

Our studio space is located in the Seely’s Furniture Building at the corner of San Fernando Blvd. and Brand Blvd (which changes from Glendale Blvd. a block down). If you map to the address, it will likely take you to the San Fernando Blvd. side of the building, but we are on the Brand Blvd. side, and the space is accessed through the gate, or parking lot on that side of the building.

This is the gate

This is the entrance to the studio