Co—Conspirator Press is a publishing platform for artists, writers, designers, printers, social justice workers, and editors from historically underrepresented communities who use their voice to address intersectional feminist issues and challenge cis-hetero-patriarchy, white-supremacy, and exclusionary, colonial, capitalist, and ableist systems.

CO—CO prints manuals, workbooks, poetry, fiction, and cross-genre work using a risograph, which is a machine we love for its versatility, its accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. Learn more about the authors and catalog of books available from our press, and check-out the blog on their website.


SALIMA Magazine is a project that originated at FCCW, where Issues 01 and 02 were produced and printed, but is currently being run independently by Salima Allen, with support from Project Q. SALIMA is an intersectional feminist magazine deeply invested in celebrating folks who are routinely dismissed and silenced by our white supremacist, cis-heteronormative, imperialist patriarchy: Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color; queer, trans, and nonbinary folks; people living with disabilities and low-income folks.

No matter the topic — whether art, culture, fashion, politics, or wellness — all of their work is grounded in radical thought and the desire to dismantle the status quo. Get an introduction to SALIMA, stream playlists, and shop merch on their website.